Crestview wins the conference title with a 10-2 record to finish ahead of New London (9-3) and Mapleton (9-3)

All Firelands Conference

  Anna Stryker           South Central     1st Base
  Amy Gray               Crestview         2nd Base
  Rami Shaver            New London        3rd Base
  Sara Irvin             Mapleton          Shortstop
  Brooke Martin          Mapleton          Catcher
  Becky Rider            Crestview         Pitcher
  Jaclyn Frizzell        Mapleton          Designated Hitter
  Melissa Marsh          New London        Outfielder
  Vanessa Karoglan       Mapleton          Outfielder
  Tiffany Shepherd       Plymouth          Outfielder

  Dave Hamman            New London        Coach of the Year