Plymouth wins its 2nd consecutive conference championship.

All Firelands Conference

  Jill Rook              Plymouth            Pitcher
  Kasey Gee              Crestview           Catcher
  Jessie Reeder          Plymouth            Catcher
  Niki Pelton            Mapleton            Infield
  Tiffany Albright       Plymouth            Infield
  Wendy Rook             Plymouth            Infield
  Ashley Bond            South Central       Infield
  Laura Dickerson        Crestview           Outfield
  Audrey Archer          Plymouth            Outfield
  Kate Oney              South Central       Outfield
  Eva Takacs             St. Paul            Outfield
  Mindy Adams            Crestview           Designated Hitter
  Rami Shaver            New London          Designated Hitter

  Tom Rook               Plymouth            Coach of the Year