Crestview and Mapleton tie for the conference championship.  Crestview would have very strong post-season, eventually losing to Hillsdale in the state semi-final game.

All Firelands Conference

   Heater Sweet         Crestview      Pitcher
   Tara Ringler         Mapleton       Catcher
   Julie Lindecamp      Mapleton       Infielder
   Marchetta Dreibelbis Mapleton       Infielder
   Megan Wolf           Crestview      Infielder
   Michelle Workman     Crestview      Infielder
   Dawn Cline           Crestview      Outfielder
   Rori Tumor           Mapleton       Outfielder
   Holly Oberholtzer    Black River    Outfielder
   April Barr           Mapleton       Designated Hitter

   Jim Rader            Crestview      Coach of the Year