Black River and Crestview go 6-2 in conference play to tie for the title.

All Firelands Conference

  Debbie Mantz            Black River      Pitcher
  Shannon Imhoff          Crestview        Pitcher
  Amy Stine               Crestview        Outfield
  Michelle McCormic       Crestview        Outfield
  Trina Snipes            Mapleton         Outfield
  Shelly Mohrman          Mapleton         Outfield
  Melissa Freeman         Black River      Catcher
  Susie Simonson          Black River      Infield
  Tricia Workman          Crestview        Infield
  Laura Paulo             Plymouth         Infield
  Jeanette Denbow         Mapleton         Infield

  Jim Rader               Crestview        Coach of the Year