New London wins the last 2 conference games of the season against Mapleton to tie them for the conference title with 11-3 records.

  Plymouth had a nice tournament run, losing to Cuyahoga Heights in the Regional semi-final.

All Firelands Conference

  1st Team
Rylee Helmstetter   Monroeville
  Paige Schafer       Monroeville
  Macie Restille      Crestview
  Renee Stimpert      Crestview
  Emmalee Cooke       Western Reserve
  Shelbi Gregg        Mapleton
  Bayleigh Paramore   Mapleton
  Jenna Sexton        Mapleton
  Desiree Chill       South Central
  Rylee Haswell       New London
  Kathy Vangilder     New London

  Morgan Lengacher    Mapleton         Coach of the Year