New London and Crestview finish tied for the conference title with 13-1 records.  Crestview has a good tournament run, eventually losing to Danville in the regional final.

All Firelands Conference

  Alyssa See          Crestview           Pitcher
  Justina Wise        New London          Pitcher
  Alayna Ruggles      New London          Position
  Alycia Izzard       New London          Position
  Megan Gross         South Central       Position
  Emily Hicks         South Central       Position
  Jessica Jamison     South Central       Position
  Jenni Price         New London          Position
  Carrie Morse        New London          Position
  Carla Schaffer      Monroeville         Position
  Kate Stimpert       Crestview           Position
  Emily Tobin         Mapleton            Position
  Glenn Regan         South Central       Coach of the Year