Conference Record

  New London        14-0
  Mapleton          10-4
  Crestview          8-6
  St. Paul           8-6
  Monroeville        5-9
  Plymouth           5-9
  South Central      5-9
  Western Reserve   1-13

All Firelands Conference

  Samantha Swineford  Mapleton            Pitcher
  Justina Wise        New London          Pitcher
  Jenny Price         New London          Catcher
  Miranda Braun       Mapleton            1st Base
  Alayna Ruggles      New London          2nd Base
  Megan Bond          Plymouth            Short Stop
  Jamie Beard         Mapleton            3rd Base
  Emily Bischoff      Monroeville         Outfield
  Nicole Cutcher      Western Reserve     Outfield
  Stephanie Spoerr    South Central       Outfield
  Ashley Valentine    South Central       Designated Hitter
  Randy Ruggles       New London          Coach of the Year