Crestview goes 13-1 in conference play to claim the conference title

All Firelands Conference

  Shannon Grey        Crestview           Pitcher
  Katie Coon          Plymouth            Pitcher
  Morgan Braun        Mapleton            Pitcher
  Petra Bechtler      St. Paul            1st Base
  Kelly Stephens      Crestview           2nd Base
  Stephanie Heydinger St. Paul            3rd Base
  Robin Barre         South Central       Catcher
  Liz Tyler           Monroeville         Shortstop
  Bekah Havran        Western Reserve     Outfield
  Emma Trease         Crestview           Outfield
  Ashley Ebersole     South Central       Outfield
  Jen Barman          St. Paul            Designated Hitter

  Ty McKinney         Crestview           Coach of the Year