Conference Record
  Plymouth            12-2
  Crestview           11-3
  St. Paul            11-3
  Mapleton             7-7
  South Central        6-8
  Monroeville          5-9
  New London          3-11
  Western Reserve     0-14

All Firelands Conference
No Positions Provided

  Rachel Ingram          South Central
  Ashlee See             Crestview
  Sadie Spidel           Mapleton
  Megan Kunkle           Crestview
  Robin Barre            South Central
  Kris Veverka           Mapleton
  Katie Coon             Plymouth
  Shannon Gray           Crestview
  Liz Miller             New London
  Brooke Walcher         St. Paul
  Krista Smith           Mapleton
  Jen Barman             St. Paul

  Rick Reeder            Plymouth         Coach of the Year