Mapleton beats New London 3-2 in the last conference game to capture the title with a 10-2 record.  New London finishes at 8-4.

All Firelands Conference

  Liz Linder             St. Paul          1st Base
  Melissa Patriga        Crestview         2nd Base
  Megan Kinkle           Crestview         3rd Base
  Sarah Irwin            Mapleton          Shortstop
  Devon Beattie          Mapleton          Catcher
  Mindy Kilgrove         New London        Pitcher
  Jessica Reynolds       Mapleton          Pitcher
  Tonia Lambert          Crestview         Designated Hitter
  Shanna Welch           Mapleton          Outfielder
  Kitty Dalton           Crestview         Outfielder
  Liz Miller             New London        Outfielder

  John Kuhlman           St. Paul          Coach of the Year