Ashland Brookside Golf Course

  St. Paul goes undefeated in conference duals but loses to South Central at the Firelands Conference tournament.  St. Paul wins the conference title with combined points from the duals and the tournament.

  South Central      372
  St. Paul           373
  New London         375
  Plymouth           381
  Mapleton           407

  Top 10 Scores

Ben Wheeler      St. Paul      86
  Bret Hall        Plymouth      87
  Adam Roeder      New London    88
  Scott Morrow     South Central 89
  Kevin Milks      St. Paul      93
  Chad Hunt        South Central 93
  Matt Davidson    New London    93
  Jeremy Gessner   New London    94
  Josh Swartz      Plymouth      94
  Ryan Bond        South Central 95
  Les Eastman      South Central 95