Western Reserve wins its first conference championship with a 13-1 record. 

All Firelands Conference

  Tim Deering           South Central        1st Base
  Adam Welch            Mapleton             2nd Base
  Matt Montgomery       Plymouth             3rd Base
  Tom Cuffman           Mapleton             3rd Base
  Micaiah Zsigray       Western Reserve      Shortstop
  Brian Haubiel         Crestview            Catcher
  Aaron Wood            Western Reserve      Pitcher
  Rusty Huffman         Crestview            Pitcher
  Jon Spragg            Western Reserve      Designated Hitter
  Tim Altamore          Western Reserve      Outfield
  Aaron Fries           St. Paul             Outfield
  Aaron Bond            South Central        Outfield

  Scott Emerick         Western Reserve      Coach of the Year