Black River captures the Firelands Conference baseball title in its last year in the conference.  Black River went 14-2 in conference play.

All Firelands Conference

  Chris Gullett         Plymouth            Pitcher
  Jason Bidinger        Black River         Pitcher
  Rick Reeder           Plymouth            Catcher
  Dan Whitaker          New London          1st Base
  Darren Hunt           South Central       2nd Base
  Ben Hootman           Mapleton            3rd Base
  Curt Bly              Western Reserve     Shortstop
  Jeremy Burton         Black River         Outfield
  Cory Detterman        New London          Outfield
  Matt Dinsmore         Crestview           Outfield
  Stephan Gates         St. Paul            Designated Hitter

  Aaron Weltlin         Plymouth            Coach of the Year