Black River and South Central both finish 13-3 in conference play to tie for the title.  Black River would have a great post-season run, losing to Hamilton Baden in the state semifinal game.

All Firelands Conference

  Ryan Teglovic     South Central    Pitcher
  Bryan Combs       Plymouth         Pitcher
  Greg Schafer      Black River      Catcher
  Kevin Morrow      South Central    1st Base
  Robby Lavengood   New London       Shortstop
  Darren Hunt       South Central    2nd Base
  Joe Stichler      Crestview        3rd Base
  Mike Sanders      South Central    Outfield
  Jason Riddle      Black River      Outfield
  Doug Cunningham   Plymouth         Outfield
  Brian Sloan       Plymouth         Designated Hitter

  Terry Hunt        South Central    Coach of the Year