Conference Standings

  New London          14-0
  Plymouth            11-3
  Crestview           10-4
  Mapleton             8-6
  Western Reserve      6-8
  South Central       4-10
  St. Paul            3-11
  Monroeville         0-14

All Firelands Conference

  1st Team
  Zach Butler         Plymouth         Pitcher
  Ben Young           New London       Pitcher
  Dane Held           New London       Position
  Bret Roberts        Plymouth         Position
  Nick Thomas         New London       Position
  Dustin Piatt        Crestview        Position
  Josh Hamilton       New London       Position
  Colton Hickey       Mapleton         Position
  Nate Weltlin        Plymouth         Position
  Zack Nissen         Western Reserve  Position
  Mike Vieta          St. Paul         Position
  Shayson Wilhelm     South Central    Position

  Glen Morse          New London       Coach of the Year