Crestview         11-3
  Mapleton           9-5
  Western Reserve    9-5
  New London         8-6
  St. Paul           8-6
  South Central      5-9
  Monroeville       3-11
  Plymouth          3-11

All Firelands Conference
  Andrew Chaffin        Western Reserve
  Derek Chaffins        New London
  Tyler Haubiel         Crestview
  Joe Graziani          St. Paul
  Chad May              New London
  Freeman Nixon         Mapleton
  Tom Parcher           South Central
  Jeff Flowers          Western Reserve
  Jacob Furr            Plymouth
  Brock Schafer         Monroeville
  Justin Mills          Crestview
  Chad Fitch            Western Reserve
  Steve Mutchler        St. Paul
  Rob Gross             Crestview    Coach of the Year