New London        13-1
  Mapleton          10-4
  South Central     10-4
  Western Reserve   10-4
  Monroeville        5-9
  St. Paul          4-10
  Crestview         4-10
  Plymouth          0-14

  South Central makes it to the state semi-final, losing to Newark Catholic.

All Firelands Conference
  Derek Chaffins        New London       Pitcher
  R.J. Ringer           South Central    Pitcher
  Zac Osborn            South Central    Position
  Taylor Held           New London       Position
  Tyler Haubiel         Crestview        Position
  Brandon Cantrill      Western Reserve  Position
  Freemon Nixon         Mapleton         Position
  Devan Oates           Western Reserve  Position
  Dominique Hall        New London       Position
  Andy Carpenter        Crestview        Position
  Joe Graziani          St. Paul         Position
  Darren Hunt           South Central    Coach of the Year