New London        14-0
  Western Reserve   10-4
  South Central      9-5
  Mapleton           8-6
  St. Paul           6-8
  Monroeville       4-10
  Crestview         3-11
  Plymouth          2-12

All Firelands Conference
  Todd Fannin           Western Reserve  Pitcher
  Corey Chaffins        New London       Pitcher
  Justin Lukes          New London       Pitcher
  Zac Osborn            South Central    Position
  Ben Winkler           Western Reserve  Position
  Kyle Pelham           New London       Position
  Brad Mutchler         St. Paul         Position
  Andy Ambrose          Mapleton         Position
  Billy Norris          New London       Position
  Mike Parcher          South Central    Position
  Andrew Hanneman       St. Paul         Position
  Devan Oates           Western Reserve  Position
  Glen Morse            New London       Coach of the Year