New London and Western Reserve are co-champions at 11-3.  Mapleton has a great tournament run, losing to North Lewisburg Triad 5-1 in the state semi-final.

All Firelands Conference
  Chad Blake            New London       Pitcher
  Cory Shrider          Western Reserve  Pitcher
  Brett McCallum        Crestview        Position
  Karl Ferber           New London       Position
  Brandon Bond          South Central    Position
  Dan Mutchler          St. Paul         Position
  Danny Haubiel         Crestview        Position
  Brad Mutchler         St. Paul         Position
  Ben Winkler           Western Reserve  Position
  Justin Lukes          New London       Position
  Jason Hazel           Western Reserve  Position
  Corey Chaffins        New London       Position
  Brandon Blankenship   Plymouth         Position
  Tom Pummell           Mapleton         Position
  T.J. Knowles          Mapleton         Position

  Scott Emerick         Western Reserve  Coach of the Year