Conference Record
  Mapleton            13-1
  New London          12-2
  St. Paul             7-7
  Western Reserve      7-7
  Crestview            6-8
  South Central        5-9
  Plymouth            4-10
  Monroeville         0-14

All Firelands Conference
No Positions Provided
  T.J. Knowlton         Mapleton
  Mike Price            New London
  Josh Young            New London
  Karl Ferber           New London
  Dan Mutchler          St. Paul
  Jim Altomare          Western Reserve
  Brett Turson          Plymouth
  Brandon Blankenship   Plymouth
  Jordan Clark          South Central
  Andrew Gribben        Crestview
  Jake Kidney           Mapleton
  Tom Pummel            Mapleton

  Jim Carper            St. Paul        Co-Coach of the Year
  Bob Hagner            Mapleton        Co-Coach of the Year