New London beats Crestview 4-3 in the last conference game of the year to claim the title with a 13-1 record.  Crestview finished at 11-3 after losing the first two conference games of the year.

All Firelands Conference

  Jason Leibold         St. Paul             1st Base
  Wes Fenner            South Central        2nd Base
  Heath Hamilton        New London           3rd Base
  Matt Kinday           Mapleton             Shortstop
  Bobby Reisinger       New London           Catcher
  Bill Thomas           New London           Pitcher
  Rusty Huffman         Crestview            Pitcher
  Doug Brutsch          New London           Designated Hitter
  Brandon Genovesl      St. Paul             Outfield
  Dennis Schaffer       New London           Outfield
  Paul Gray             Crestview            Outfield

  Glen Morse            New London           Coach of the Year