New London goes 13-1 in conference play to claim the title.

All Firelands Conference

  1st Team
  Ben Young         New London          Pitcher
  Nick Bene         New London          Pitcher
  Nate Good         Western Reserve     Infielder
  Derek Phillips    New London          Infielder
  Julian Molnar     New London          Infielder
  Mike Vieta        St. Paul            Infielder
  Tyler Brown       Crestview           Infielder
  Seth Galbraith    Mapleton            Infielder
  Nick Thomas       New London          Outfielder
  Devin Smith       St. Paul            Outfielder
  Travis Pickering  Mapleton            Outfielder
  Cam Conaway       South Central       Catcher
  Jim Carper        St. Paul            Co-Coach of the Year
  Jeff Todd         Western Reserve     Co-Coach of the Year